What is Personal Development?

Personal Development is based on many scientific theories that have proven that you can change your life.

For instance, Cognitive Theory states that when you learn how to identify your sabotaging thought patterns you can then learn to transform them into constructive ones. Your thoughts guide your feelings and actions so this naturally changes your life for the better.

The Emotional Intelligence theory encourages you to become more aware of your emotions in the present moment and learn how to discrimate the different feelings and how they affect your actions and behaviours. You can actually learn how to activate positive feelings to make the situation improve and successfully achieve your goals.

So, Why Don’t People Use Personal Development?

Lack of knowledge is the main reason. People don’t know how much it can help them grow and achieve. Also, people fear change. Although they might be miserable or happy in life – they don’t want to change.

Why Personal Development then?

With personal development tools and techniques you’ll no longer be a victim to social constructs. When you were a child the people around you – your parents, family members, teachers, doctors and so on – taught you how to think, what to feel and how to behave in the world. These repetitive patterns gave you people are calling a “Template for Living”. This template dictates all your habits, even the sabotaging ones. Once you learn how to recognise how your thoughts, beliefs and feelings are creating your life – you can change them …. which in turn changes your life to how you want it to be. You’re already creating your life – you’re just not doing it ON PURPOSE. Using PD techniques you can ON PURPOSE steer your life in the direction you want it to go.

Hence, you’ll find free personal development worksheets throughout this website to help you use these theories to your benefit. The idea is to download a worksheet that represents a problem your going through. Next, reflect and contemplate on the questions and write down your answers. The more you think about the questions the better your results will be – so spend time on each worksheet.

Are You Struggling to Get Motivated?

You can teach yourself how to get motivated by using theories founded in psychology. Download the free worksheet on How to Get Motivated which will guide you through this powerful self improvement process. No matter why you want to get motivated – whether it is to get motivated to lose weight, exercise, clean the house or study – you can use this worksheet and apply the theories.

Are You Suffering with Low Confidence?

Theories in psychology state that confidence fluxuates with different experiences in our life. You can learn how to increase your confidence by using these theories to your advantage. Download the free worksheet on How to Gain Confidence.

Would You Like to Increase Your Happiness?

Learn ways to activate positivity every day. Use the SEARCH box to find free personal development worksheets on positivity.

What is a Personal Development Plan?

Many workplaces are asking their employees to have a personal development plan. Why is this? Because people who are actively involved with improving themselves and their lives are happier, more resilient and open to communication about making things better at work. We have split this worksheet into two and so you’ll find the Personal Development Objectives worksheet in our freebies sections, and the more in-depth Personal Development Plan worksheet in our $1 section.

Many people are recognising the benefits of Personal Development and Self Improvement. Once you get active in personal development you’ll feel empowered because if there’s something you don’t like in your life – you can change it. Please feel free to browse our website for as many resources as you feel you need. We have PD worksheets, ebooks and even books you can put on your book shelf. PD online courses are coming soon.

Oh, by the way, we ‘ll be releasing new worksheets regularly so BOOKMARK this page so you can return here and see what’s new.

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